Queretaro is ranked between Mexico’s most important travel destinations; this is why it’s the perfect spot to take a SEGWAY® guided tour. It is essential for us to innovate and develop new services to our tourists; this is what keeps us competing with the main travel spots in Mexico and around the world.


One of Queretaro’s main problems is the excessive number of vehicles on the streets, and it’s more noticeable in the Historic Center, area which is considered a Cultural Heritage of Humanity (UNESCO), because of its narrow streets, pedestrian zones and the recent creation of cycle paths. This is why SEGWAY® has been a fundamental solution in many places worldwide: it’s going fast towards the future preserving the past.


With all the above said, Queretaro is joining the pioneer cities creating a sustainable tourism. Because of the big number of pedestrians near the downtown area there are more sidewalks or places you can only visit walking, this limits other services like the Touristic Tram. SEGWAY was created as a way of transportation so that you can go to places that are too far to walk or too close to drive to. Besides, SEGWAY was created to be "pedestrian friendly" so either SEGWAY users and pedestrians will experience any danger scenarios.

Tour includes:

  • Training
  • Safety gear
  • Guidance
  • Handmade candy and liquor tasting
  • Insurance
  • Duration: aprox 2 hours
  • Cost: $300 pesos each